Offer Holders

Congratulations on Your Offer of a Place!

You have now received an offer of a place in one of the university’s programmes. So, what do you do next? What you do next is critically important. You can go through these pages before choosing whether to accept or decline – just don’t let your offer sit around and gather dust.

We are looking forward for you to join our vibrant student community and cannot wait to welcome you to the International Medical University(IMU), Malaysia’s first and most established private medical and health sciences university with over 30 years of dedicated focus in healthcare education. IMU has SETARA-2018/19 rating of 6 stars (Outstanding) under the Mature University category.

At this University, you will begin your journey to acquire new skills and knowledge to prepare you for the rewarding career of your choice. While studying at IMU, you will be able to also experience living in a small suburb, Bukit Jalil, about 20 km south of the city of Kuala Lumpur, away from the hustle and bustle of hurried life. Fortunately, Bukit Jalil is easily accessible as it is conveniently located within a 5-minute walking distance to the Sri Petaling Light Rail Transit (LRT) station, which connects to the rest of the transportation networks around the city to enable you to explore Kuala Lumpur and other parts of Malaysia.

We hope that you will be making a decision soon on the offer and we look forward to seeing you in IMU soon!


About Your Offer

Once your application is approved and processed, you may receive one of these offers: a Conditional Offer or a Confirmed Offer. It is time to familiarise yourself with the terminology used in the offer letter to be able to understand the differences of these offers and respond accordingly.

Conditional Offer

A student who receives a conditional offer would be required to meet certain conditions before embarking on their studies at the University.

The condition that the student will be required to meet may be:

  • Obtain the required results as per stated in the offer letter
  • Achieving the required score in an English language test

Once you have received the result and met the conditions of your offer, please submit it to Admissions Office.

Confirmed Offer

Students receiving this type of offer have an offer of a place to study in their chosen course:

  • Also known as unconditional offer when you fulfill the Academic and English requirements of the programme of study.

Accepting Your Offer

Once you have received an offer, find out what happens next.
  • Offer Received

    Congratulations! You have received our official confirmation via email.

  • You should carefully read your offer letter and all its attachments once you receive it. If you have any concerns or questions, you can contact our Admissions team for clarification.

  • Your offer of a place in the programme applied for will lapse automatically, when you missed the deadline stated in your offer. If you wish to re-activate your offer, kindly email to Admissions Office at for further details.

  • Admissions into the University is competitive; therefore, seats are limited and subject to availability although you are re-applying to activate your offer. So, do ensure that you adhere to the deadline in your offer to ensure that your seat is secured.

  • Accept Offer

    1. You will be required to make payment as per the attached fee structure by the given deadline.
    2. Fill in and return to the Admissions Office the following forms:
      • Acceptance Form
      • Policy on Payment of Fees
      • Registration Package
      • Proof of payment /Cheque for payment
      • Proof of vaccination and health tests (as required)
  • You should make the necessary arrangements to start your studies at IMU and organise:

    • Accommodation
    • Financial Support
    • Visa (for International Students)
  • Request for Deferral / Switching Programmes or Options

    You can send an email to notify our Admissions Office, making sure you include:

    • your student ID;
    • your name;
    • your programme name.
  • If you re-considering to change programme or intake options, you will need to submit a re-application via the Online Application Account. Before you proceed, you are advised to call or email us first.

  • Any deferral, switching programme/option is subject of availability of the placement.

  • Your seat will be automatically withdrawn when you do not respond by the deadline stated in your offer.

  • Decline Offer / Withdraw

    You can send an email to notify our Admissions Office, making sure you include:

    • your student ID;
    • your name;
    • your programme name.
  • Your seat will be automatically withdrawn when you do not respond by the deadline stated in your offer.


Enrolment Matters

Like the rest of the new students, you will start off your studies in the University knowing very few people or perhaps none at all! But rest assured, Enrolment Day is here! Our Orientation activities would help you fit in easily. Read on to help you prepare yourself for the orientation activities.

List of Events Related to Offer Holders

Enrolment Day-Undergraduate Programmes

Enrolment Day - Undergraduate Programmes (July Intakes)

Date: 15 Jul 2024
Time: 9:30am – 12:00pm
Venue: IMU Bukit Jalil

Hear from our students

Find out from our students who are our best ambassadors to share about their experience studying at this University.

I managed to attend weekend classes and complete the coursework module before the Covid-19 pandemic began. To me, attending physical classes allows for better interaction, not only between the students and the lecturer, but also between the students as well. One of the advantage of the programme is that students can perform their research activities at the convenience of their workplace. As a working adult, I find this very convenient and thoughtful.

Ashraf Hakim Dzulkarnain Bin Azman

MSc in Molecular Medicine Alumnus

In this Chinese Medicine (CM) programme, IMU emphasises evidence-based practice and provides a great foundation in both western medical sciences and Chinese medicine. Problem-based learning approach and interactive lectures play a role in honing my skills and improving my confidence. My clinical skills were greatly developed during the clinical attachment provided by IMU in the final year of the course. Clinical internship at IMU’s CM clinic played a significant role as I was able to consult real patients and prescribe them with the correct treatment.

Bavithaa Sufina A/P Verasamy

Chinese Medicine Alumna

After working in a fast-paced environment for 6 months, I noticed that the pharmacy programme structure at IMU was designed in a way to allow us students to gain the essential knowledge and skills needed to be a future pharmacist. In Semesters 4 and 8 of the pharmacy programme, Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE) sessions has definitely trained me to think on my feet and come up with a structured and composed answer in a short period of time. With the ongoing pandemic, there has been a surge of patients at the hospital, and this requires me to work effectively and efficiently, in which IMU has trained me for.

Amanda Tan Yee Mun

Pharmacy Alumna

It’s been a wonderful learning journey for me. The curriculum emphasises on the essentials of implant dentistry, evidence-based dentistry, precise treatment planning as well as communication skills to explain implant treatment’s risks in order to create healthy expectations amongst patients. This course has certainly instilled confidence in me as I develop my implant practice and apply the knowledge – I have truly gained from the supportive learning environment at IMU.

Dr Lim Zi Wei

IMU Implant Dentistry Alumna

IMU provided clinical training from my third year onwards which exposed me to real-life clinical situations. Cases encountered in the ward challenged us to apply structured, textbook theories differently. This made the profession intellectually challenging, requiring us to not only keep up with evidence-based medicine, but also the latest and greatest treatment and development in this field. I spent my last posting in Hospital Enche Besar Hajjah Khalsom (HEBHK), Kluang, Johor. It has helpedme develop my confidence caringfor patients and acquire the skills that are needed as a houseman.

Joseph Lau Tiung Sheng

IMU Medical Alumnus

Having completed my FIS, I realised that my command of English has improved tremendously. Modules such as English for Healthcare Professional (EHP) and Critical Thinking Skills prepared us with the level of English that is needed to complete assessments. Cross-Boundary Studies also helped me to improve social skills, teamworking skills as well as communication skills. Apart from academics, IMU offers many clubs and activities that helps me connect with other students from various courses. This makes my university experience more interesting as I get to hear from other students what their course is like and see if a particular course is suitable for me.

Anthony Kho Nai Siong

Chiropractic student who studied the Foundation in Science at IMU prior to his degree studies
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